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Eloquently evident – Communicating complex concepts from the healthcare sector in an engaging and exciting manner

If you are one of several speakers scheduled in parallel, it is awkward if audience members decide rather quickly that the presentation in the room across the hall may be more interesting. If you as a company have invested considerable sums into organizing a symposium, you’d like to make sure that the message of the presentations gets across to the audience. As a scientist with industry experience, I can help you with engaging the audience without the scientific integrity suffering.

  • How can I capture the audience right from the beginning of my presentation?
  • How can I bind the attention of the audience?
  • How can I create a stringent, coherent presentation that the audience will remember for a long time?
  • How can I ensure the core message gets across?
  • How can I adjust the amount of content to the time available?
  • How can I create a presentation that sticks out in a positive way while preserving its integrity?

Let’s address these questions together using your own presentation projects (exception: trial offer) – you can bring a short presentation which you will revise over the course of the workshop.


Our offerings:

Trial offer

30 min lunch workshop on presentation techniques.

Rhine-Neckar area:                                   free

Rhine/Main, or Karlsruhe area:            50 Euro contribution to my expenses

Everywhere else:                                       actual expenses

Modular offer

Module 1 – Structuring and presenting


  • Adjusting the content for time frame and audience
  • Structuring along a single train of though
  • Finding the right introduction and closing

Module 2 –  Visualising graphically and vocally


  • Conveying and illustrating complex content
  • Presenting data and statistics in an exciting manner
  • Choosing the right visualisation
  • Using narrative elements without compromising integrity

Each as a one day seminar


or as

Two-day Package

Modules 1 and 2 as a two day workshop

Presentation Boot Camp

Three day intensive workshop

  • Day 1: Focussing and structuring
  • Day 2: Visualising graphically and vocally
  • Day 3: Presenting

With daily opportunity to revise and rehearse your own presentation

Personal presentation coaching

You’ll receive a one-to-one preparation for your presentation.

Depending on your wishes, I can also accompany you to the conference or trade fair, talk you through the presentation on location, record you on video (if allowed) and debrief you after the event.