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In the age of evidence-based medicine, the importance of scientific knowledge transfer is increasingly important – be if basic foundations of a therapeutic indication, be it directly related to products and services. Are you offering special medical techniques, materials or diagnostic parameters? Does your drug have a novel mechanism of action? Only if your customers understand the advantages and consider them as based on solid science can they fully realize their impact on the customer decision and be safely used by the customer. Only if your coworkers understand the medical implications can they consider them in their daily routine.

I can help you ensure that your employees understand the unique advantages you offer and implement them in their  work. In several years of industry experience, I was able to lure colleagues even into non-mandatory trainings due to their excitement at understanding the scientific aspects even as non-scientists. Whether it’s in German or English, whether they are from Iceland or South Africa, when can I excite your customers and co-workers for “your” science?


In cooperation with a partner, Dr. Hauss Training & Consulting can offer you a sustainability control through online video roleplay.  For example, participants can be asked to explain aspects of the training content in a fictious customer situation in a recorded video session four or eight weeks after the training.