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Coachings, Workshops and Consulting

Making the Complex Compelling

Have you ever been at a conference where the speaker droned on about their data and after five minutes, the first members of the audience took out their smartphones to occupy themselves with more interesting matters. After ten minutes, some in the last row dared to take out their laptops and work on more productive things. After fifteen minutes, the first audience members start to doze off. A pity to waste your time in that way!

Or have you ever been at a conference where the speaker unleashed an avalanche of data onto the audience. Between the projection slides and the speaker, content sufficient to fill entire conferences is discharged. At the end, the audience stares blankly at the speaker – the actual point of the presentation got buried in the onslaught. A pity to waste your time in that way!

Whether you want to outsource setting up a presentation or want to have someone update existing material, whether you are looking for an external speaker or want coaching and consulting to improve your own presentations, I’m happy to support you in transporting your content to the audience!


More effective presentations maximize the knowledge transfer, internally or externally. They allow colleagues to more clearly understand needs and constraints, customers and other external stakeholders to more clearly understand the advantages of a product or the key considerations of a problem and regulators the key constraints and advantages of a product or technology. All this in a manner that’s sustainable and ensures long-term memorability. This reduces internal and external transaction costs and increases ROI on events.


I recommend coachings as a sustainable solution that helps adopt better presentation habits over an extended period.

  • Planning a presentation (6 months)
  • Delivering a presentation (4 months)
  • Storytelling with graphs and data (5 months)


  • 3h compact workshop (representative cross-section of all topics, suitable as a brush-up/boot camp before an event)
  • 2d workshop (presentation planning and design, storytelling with graphs and data)
  • 3d workshop (presentation planning and design, storytelling with graphs and data, presentation delivery)
  • A free (except for travel costs) 1h workshop/keynote “There’s no such thing as a dry subject” can be arranged once per site.


Consulting offers are based on your individual needs – from support with an individual presentation project to the alignment of an event program towards a specific learning target (cf. also “event support” in the menu).