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Juice up your presentation challenge

October 05-09 2020

If you have a presentation coming up and feel it might be getting a bit “dry”, then this challenge is for you.

Over the course of five days, we will “juice up” your presentation!

We’ll see that your presentation is:


Focus your presentation on a specific message, meant for a specific audience.


Keep your presentation and your individual slides concise and clutter-free.


Visual elements are memorable and avoid the need for lengthy explanations


Dynamic content makes a presentation more memorable and easier to digest.


Narrative elements and structures improve the memorability of a presentation dramatically.

Each morning, you’ll get a video and a worksheet describing your task for the day.

Each evening, we will have a live session to discuss the day’s tasks, your solutions and any open questions. (Recordings will be made available)

At the end of the week, you will have a good idea how to turn fact dumps into memorable experiences for your audience ensuring a sustainable knowledge transfer.

Best of all, the challenge is completely free!

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